Finally…. Doors!

Now, our window and door selection were clearly labeled on the architectural drawing for our contractor.

However, he failed to order them early on (many take 6-12 weeks to get in).

So, my husband stepped up and did a ton of research to get similar windows and doors within our budget and deadline.

In-law Suite HVAC

Yesterday was a little busier than it had been the past few weeks. We had the electrical inspection… Woohoo.

The HVAC guys added the heat pump and unit, as well as correct the placement of a vent.

The carpenter came and worked on the soffit.

My husband picked up some screened porch enclosures off of Craigslist. Our builder is adding a screened porch and re-roofing our garage pro bono because of all the framing problems my husband pointed out (and sometimes fixed…).

Hopefully, we keep seeing progress in a timely manner.