Superbell Container

This container has Supertunia Limoncello, Superbells white, Angelina Stonecrop and Feather Grass Ponytails.

I am simply amazed just how long these pansies have been surviving in this May heat!

Front Yard

The roses are taking over the front porch!

Today I thinned out some of the butterfly weeds end black-eyed susans around that the flagpole. Last year it made mowing quite difficult.

II added them around the telephone pole. I’m not sure if they’re going to make it too! Hopefully if I keep watering them but they will survive!

I also added this Iris as well as a few other lilies around the telephone pole.

I planted some climbing sweet peas from seed around this utility pole. They look like they’re coming along just fine!

These these roses in the foreground smell so lovely!

Attack attack of the rosebush!