Let’s See What’s Growing! Part 1

What are these little guys? Weeds?  Lol

And these?

I had transplanted these guys about a week ago from the side of the house that will be eventually paved.  They seem to be happy!

When do you thin out iris plants?

More green stuff that I saved from being paved over…  

And here… The rhododendrons that I transplanted last week.  They seem happy, too!  Nugget, the wonder mutt, is inspecting my work…. But, I don’t want his Seal of Approval!  😛

This is the hydrangea that I planted in the fall…. I hope the green growth is the same plant! It otherwise seems sad….

Of course, with all these pics, I see what I think are weeds!  We aren’t moved in the house yet… So garden chores are limited!

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