Phase1 of Front Porch Garden Do-over

So, remember my unhappiness with the lack of order of this bed?

It did look nice in the fall…

But those daisies attracted flies. I did not enjoy walking through the flies to get in our front door!

I relocated them in our new side bed.

I think that area will look nice this summer and fall!

Well, I bit the bullet and bought four plants from Homestead gardens the other day. On each end I planted Frost Proof Gardenia (Gardinia jasminoides) for zones 7-11. I hope I didn’t make mistake! In the middle, surrounding the cockeyed rose bush, I planted Chinese Holly Carissa (Ilex Cornuta Carissa).

In phase two, I hope to extend the garden around the crepe myrtle tree… …unless I end up relocating these plants as well!

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