Vegetable gardening!

After spending way too much time trying to decide where and how to have a vegetable garden, I finally jumped in with both feet! I really really wanted a raised bed. However, we are trying to keep this as frugal as possible and building one was not quite in the budget. So, I ended up planting some in the good old Earth and some in some food grade buckets.

Then I drilled some holes on the bottom, with help from my husband!

I added organic potting soil for vegetables along with some organic fertilizer as directed. I used the pots for spinach and lettuce.

I planted the burpeeana early peas right in the ground in two rows.

So, hopefully in about 25 to 30 days we will have some fresh spinach and lettuce for some salads! The peas will probably be ready in about 65 days.

Nugget, our Wonder pooch, really like the scent of the fertilizer. I am praying he does not dig up my garden!

Tired from helping me dig this morning!

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