Welcome to my garden journal! The purpose of this blog is to document my learning experience in growing and tending vegetable and flower gardens in zone 7! After living on a boat since 1998, we bought a little rancher that needs some TLC, inside and out! Since we had a wooden boat, we never brought dirt on- board. Thus, I haven’t cared for a plant…. ever.

Video of our “old home” in motion

I hope to be documenting the transformation of our property and my gardening skills!

Front of house

Since I am very new to gardening, I welcome and appreciate any tips experienced gardeners would like to share! While searching the web for advice on zone 7 gardening and landscaping, I came up short! So, hopefully, in time, my learning experiences may help other newbies!

Thankfully, the previous owner had many perennials around the yard. They did look like they haven’t been tended to in a while, though.

This is Nugget. He likes to inspect my attempts at landscaping and gardening. He is thrilled to have a nice, fenced in backyard to run around in. He also is a personal trainer to our resident bunny. Every morning at 5:25, Nugget works on sprint training with the bunny. I think the bunny is getting faster.

Thanks for visiting!!

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