Rainy Week

It has been raining quite a bit this week!  Below are my happy-ish rhododendrons that I had transplanted not too long ago.  It is hard to see from this photo, but the little rhody in the middle doesn’t have any blooms at all.  What is that all about?  Need to google that!

These roses have been beaten down by rain!  But look at all those flowers!

The roses are trying to take over the porch!  On a side note, look how long our grass is!  So. much. rain.

Spring Flower Identification

The last Little Flower on the star magnolia! Still smells sweet!

I do know that those are tulips! However, what are the green things in the foreground?

What are these? Are they weeds? No idea!

What about the lime green leaves coming off the old wood? Is that a weed or some type of perennial?

The sad little Garden in front of the front porch. Still needs some help!

This is the little Goblin Winterberry that I bought in the fall. I thought it had died because it was supposed to be an evergreen. But it is not, I suppose!

Adding Some Perennials

Our local nurseries are advertising 50% off of perennials!  After some research, I learned that fall is a great time to plant perennials.

I really wanted to change up the front porch garden.  The mums were talking over! That area is full sun for most of the day.

Here is what I bought:

(above- Winterberry Holly)


(above- Red Twig Dogwood)


I have read that hydrangeas like shade more.  There is a spot on  the side of our porch that isn’t quite full sun.  I will have to make sure it gets watered alot in the summer!