Mid June Blooms


Ok, let’s just say that I have been distracting myself from unpacking in the house with tinkering in the garden.  I found a few holes in the side garden….   I just couldn’t help myself…  I bought a Dianthus- Dessert Raspberry Swirl (in the back) and a Sedum Vera Jameson (in the foreground).  Hopefully, they will grow according to their specs.  Otherwise, I will need to move them around as they mature.

On a side note…. I am not sure what that tall plant/flower is behind the mums…  Any thoughts?



I also bought this English Lavender…   I have recently learned that the English Lavender smells more like lavender, while the French Lavender smells more of rosemary.

This little flower has popped up… Not sure what it is!  It seems to be one plant with many flower stems…

Remember what my little garden around the flag pole looked like earlier this spring?  Now, it is bursting with color!  I really like these butterfly weeds.  The name doesn’t quite fit.

It will be fun to see what pops out of this plant in a week or so!

New Blooms and We are Moving in!

The family who is buying our boat is coming in a few days! Our house is still not perfectly livable but we will have to make do!

Thankfully, I have some new flowers to keep me distracted!

I hung this beautiful mandevilla by our fence post! I think it looks quite nice there!

Wow! Look at all these gorgeous orange flowers!

Only a week or two ago there were only a few blooms!