Last year I got a lot of mileage out of my pansies! I just transplanted my pansies from a sunny window box to this shady – ish spot in our garden.

Trying some taters!

I forgot to document that I planted about 4 red potatoes in food safe 5 gallon buckets about three days ago.

I don’t expect anything exciting to happen for some time.
My lettuce is looking good I think
My peas are looking happy!

Orchid Experiment

My sad little Orchid was being over-watered somehow and it’s Leaf started turning yellow. So, I trimmed the roots the best I knew how and thought I would try sticking it on our corn plant trunk.

I will missed the roots in about a week. Let’s see what happens!

Pretty Flowers

Got these guys on sale from Lowes’reject section! I forget their name. You will notice on the bottom right the lantana from last year. I got it on sale also and it came back this spring!
Attempting to train my clematis up a green wire to the flower pole! We will see what happens!