Adding Some Perennials

Our local nurseries are advertising 50% off of perennials!  After some research, I learned that fall is a great time to plant perennials.

I really wanted to change up the front porch garden.  The mums were talking over! That area is full sun for most of the day.

Here is what I bought:

(above- Winterberry Holly)


(above- Red Twig Dogwood)


I have read that hydrangeas like shade more.  There is a spot on  the side of our porch that isn’t quite full sun.  I will have to make sure it gets watered alot in the summer!

We have dirt!

After living on a boat since 1999, the prospect of owning a home and growing a garden is exciting to me! We bought a little rancher in the Annapolis area this September. The previous owner has multiple garden areas started, which I am thankful for!

I know very little about gardening! As a child, I watched and helped my dad with his decent-sized vegetable and flower gardens. BUT. THAT. IS. ABOUT. IT!!

We have not moved in yet due to some plumbing, electrical, and craw-space work that needs to be completed. However, I have been chomping at the bit to work on the yard.

Here are some pictures of the garden areas in the fall:

They need some serious attention! I know that there are weeds…. but at this time of year, this garden novice doesn’t know the difference between a weed or a perennial!